iKettle Limited Edition White & Gold


I’d been on the hunt for a new kettle recently as our relationship with our current one had become increasingly and hilariously bitter. It’s no exaggeration when I say it leaked on every use, and frankly enough was enough. An upgrade was definitely overdue so I decided to get online and do some shopping.I knew straight away that I wanted a smart kettle. That was an easy decision for me to make as we’ve been steadily upgrading all the tech in our household. If we can turn on the central heating and all the lights in our home using our phones, then why not the kettle too? The iKettle appealed to me instantly. I’d love to say there was an organised and compiled checklist I went through, but there wasn’t. The simple and minimalistic white and gold design got my attention immediately.


It’s not just the visual aesthetics that attracted me to the iKettle though. When you download the Smarter app you can boil your iKettle from wherever you are, which is perfect for me when I come back home from a night-shift. I can literally open the app as my train pulls into the station and have the water boiled by the time I walk through the door. That means no more hanging around the kitchen half-asleep. And if I get caught up between the train station and reaching home I can set the iKettle to stay warm for up to 40 minutes! This is going to save me precious minutes each morning.

Integration is also supported, allowing you to connect your iKettle to other devices in the home like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. An active internet connection is required here, but if you just want the kettle for the sleek design then there is a manual boil button on the base.

Another impressive feature that drew me to the iKettle is the precise boiling control setting. If you’re anything like me then you’re familiar with the heartbreak of finding forgotten mugs of too-hot coffees that you didn’t have time to finish. Now I can have the iKettle boil the water to my customised temperature. Honestly, I’m beyond impressed.


The iKettle’s real-time water sensor can let you know if the water level is at full, half, or empty, and you can expect to get around 8 cups out of a full kettle. You can also activate ‘Wake Up Mode’ or ‘Home Mode’ in the app; a customisable clock that will automatically boil the kettle at your chosen time, complete with alarm notifications straight to your smartphone. (I’ve set mine for 6:45am!) Of course you can opt out of all notifications if this option doesn’t speak to you.

The app is fully compatible with IOS and Android devices, and you can add new products to your home page if you choose to purchase more than one appliance. This allows you to chop and change between each product and their settings. The app also allows you to customise the background, so I’ve gone for a very chic photo of my favourite pink coffee mug.

I’m so excited about the iKettle. It’s the kind of luxurious product that has made going out for a coffee seem futile. It’s an appliance we didn’t even know how much we needed until we got, and we are already so obsessed with it. We were joking about inviting our friends over just to see it! It’s a product with a hefty price-tag, though. At £129.99 for the limited white & gold edition it’s understandably not for everybody. However the 3rd generation model does also come in chrome, and you can bag that for £99.99.

Do you think the iKettle is a product you will be investing in this year?

I’d love to know your thoughts!


Shop the iKettle from the official store : https://smarter.am/ikettle/

Shop the iKettle via Amazon UK : https://www.amazon.co.uk/Smarter

Shop the iKettle at Firebox : https://www.firebox.com/iKettle

Leigh Clrk


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