Neroli, Lime & Basil


Fragranced candle now £10 | Potpourri now £6 | Refresher Oil now £2.405F8A3204

When I was told that Marks & Spencer were having a huge sale on their homeware items I just knew I had to check it out. Living in a rental can be so tough sometimes because there’s only a few minor details about the house that we’re actually allowed to change. Because of this we tend to take our home decor choices rather seriously. We’re not at all snobby about our choices – we’ll pretty much shop anywhere – but it has to be just right because it’s about the only thing we get to have a say in.

In particular, fragrances for the home are something we’re incredibly passionate about, and with the M&S home event offering 20% off there was no way we were leaving the store without some new bits. We chose to layer up the Neroli, Lime & Basil signature fragrance, and we selected the potpourri, the candle, and the diffuser oil from the full collection.
Neroli, Lime & Basil Refresher Oil, now £2.40 at M&S.

We fell in love with this scent immediately, and with Springtime offering predominantly floral fragrances, we welcomed this alternative. The mix of citrus and earthy tones creates a luxurious – almost masculine – scent, and reminds me of a high-end aftershave. It’s not especially over-powering, but it definitely cuts through the air.

Out of three products we bought from this range the refresher oil has ranked the highest. The potpourri is absolutely stunning, and it’s always lovely to have a little added texture in the home, and whilst the fragranced candle is aesthetically pleasing it unfortunately burns right through the middle instead of slowly melting as a whole. A massive shame really. (But let’s be honest, we only actually bought it for that beautiful lid anyway.) The oil has completely transformed the vibe in our entire house though. It travels through each room and has already inspired a Spring clean. We’ve already planned to head back to M&S to pick up a couple more while it’s still discounted.

Check out the full Neroli, Lime, & Basil collectionNeroli, Lime & Basil | Marks & Spencer

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