Health, Beauty, & Cannabis

If you’ve just read the title and you’re in absolute shock – fear not – I’m talking about cannabis-infused beauty products. (More specifically, this incredible little pot of cannabis-infused skin balm from

Due to the nature of my job my hands take a serious beating. By the time my shift is up my skin is cracked, red, and incredibly sensitive. I’ve used so many hand-creams to try and repair some of the damage, and whilst they relieve some of the immediate discomfort, none of them have ever provided long-lasting results. From oils, to capsules, to balms, cannabis seems to be everywhere at the moment, and I’m open to it. The CBD oils used in products sold in the UK do not appear to have any psychoactive effects, however it is continuously proving to provide many positive results within the health and beauty community. And it’s not just skin problems that this plant seems to be helping people with either. I’ve heard of people using CBD oil to help reduce anxiety levels, and though I cannot vouch for this myself as I’ve yet to use the plant for these ailments, my interest has definitely been piqued.



When I saw this cannabis-based skin balm from LoveCBD in my local apothecary shop I just had to try it. I grabbed this 10g pot for £13.99 but I already know I’ll be going back for the 30g tub once payday comes around. It’s a hefty price-tag for such a small amount of product but I’m so in love with it already, and a little goes a long way. Just a pea-sized scoop will fully cover both hands, and whilst it’s heavy upon application it does sink beautifully into the skin and has a non-greasy finish.

Coconut oil is a main ingredient so the balm softens nicely in the palms of your hands, making it super easy to spread and massage into the skin. The balm does also carry a distinct earthy smell to it which makes a nice change from other heavily perfumed skincare products on the market. This also removes the risk of any stinging or burning sensations you may have previously received from using any non-natural products. And I reiterate my earlier point – using the anti-inflammatory benefits of the CBD oil used in this balm means that instead of just softening the dry areas for immediate relief, this product can also help to heal the skin, meaning you receive all-round care that provides results that will continue to repair hours after application.

I’ve been using this balm for a few weeks now and the results I’ve seen are incomparable. Even some of the lads at work have been asking me for a scoop and they’re all in agreement  – this stuff works. It’s rare to come across a product that’s as good as this upon initial application, and I’m not just saying this for the sake of being positive – it really is this good. It’s expensive though, and that’s the catch, but in my opinion if you want something that’s truly going to work and stand the test of time then sometimes it’s worth investing in. And perhaps this will just be one of those balms you don’t use daily, perhaps this one you keep for when your skin really needs some pampering? For everyday uses you can always go back to using your current favourite moisturiser. But if you’re looking for an intense game-changing skin relief balm, then I’d recommend giving this stuff a go.

Shop the LoveCBD Skin-Balm here:

Have you used cannabis for health and beauty reasons? I’d love to hear your thoughts or grab some recommendations from you.

Drop me a comment and let’s have a chat.

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  1. Yet again another good read and yet again I’m inspired to try this on your recommendation, your blog as always are a pleasure to read and I thank you for that

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